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Wise Money Saving Moves For Businesses With Virtual Offices

The importance of making more careful and well thought-out decisions has become even more crucial today as the economic landscape becomes more turbulent and developments that can impact your life in a big way happen in the blink of an eye. The cushions and Plan B’s that served as contingency...

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From Bali To Virtual Offices – Run Your Business From Practically Anywhere With Cloud Computing

You've heard people raving about it on tech and business blogs. You might be using it without even realising it. But what is Cloud Computing and why has it generated so much buzz in recent times? In Cloud Computing, users store and access data and applications or programmes via the Internet instead...

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Why Serviced Offices Are Better - Five Ways To Manage Work Related Stress

You can’t escape the fact: The future of your business, and those of your employees, rests on your shoulders. Indeed, it’s quite the pressure. Every business owner feels such staggering pressure now and then. And when it gets to be too much, the stress can create financial impacts on your business...

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A Networking Primer For Serviced Office Space Occupants

Technology has practically rewritten how people work and manage their businesses. Today, you can set up shop at home or at a serviced office space, conduct team meetings over Skype, promote your products or services through Facebook, and complete project documents shared over Google Docs. All it...

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Essential Technology For Today’s Meeting Rooms

Virtual technology has made it possible for business professionals to connect with investors, employees, clients and associates without the need to set up a face-to-face appointment. You simply need an Internet connection and your preferred device, and you could easily communicate in real time to...

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